Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just Keep Pinning

I think just about every creative (and most noncreatives) is using Pinterest. It's really a genius way to digitalize something that many people have been doing for ages -- creating inspiration boards or files.
When I was in college nearing graduation, my mom encouraged me to start an inspiration notebook to help me decorate my first apartment. So whenever I was home, we would pour through back issues of Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living, Traditional Home, and Pottery Barn catalogs. I would tear out pages that contained things that interested me. She instructed me to draw arrows and write little notes on the page to remind myself about what why I tore the page. Then I categorized the pictures by the room of the house I was intending to use the inspiration for. I still have this notebook, and I enjoy looking through the pictures to see how my tastes have evolved in the last 7 years and to see what themes have stayed the same in my design aesthetic.
So when Pinterest came on the scene, I quickly signed up, eager to transfer my rather large bookmark file in my internet browser and my tagged posts in my blog reader to this online pinning site. I am still not completely finished adding all my saved "pins" into Pinterest (it's been over 2 years.... so what??), but I am loving that I have a digital way to organize all the inspirational images I have stored over the years.
So I thought I'd share with you the last 5 pins I have pinned, so that you can see what is inspiring me these days.

I thought this graphic from Roost was a great reference for how to arrange bed pillows. I am considering adding euros to my king-size bed, so I will definitely be trying some of these arrangements out.

The nursery in the 2012 Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse is exactly the idea that I would like to try to execute in my future child's nursery. I love the non-juvenile feeling of this nursery.

This nursery first turned me onto the idea of creating a nursery that didn't feel like a nursery:

I love the corner built-in bookshelf in this room.  I really like the way they customized the shelf heights to accommodate the items they wanted to store on the shelves. The moulding they used to trim the bookcase out really makes it look finished.

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

In keeping with the built-in theme, this image has me considering incorporating a built-in around this doorway in our living room.

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

My new lust! New everyday china (Wedgwood Intaglio)! I registered for a white, bone china pattern at Crate & Barrel for my everyday china when I got married. I really like the bone china for everyday use. It does not chip as easily as porcelain does, and white goes with everything. Unfortunately, Crate & Barrel discontinued the pattern I chose shortly after I was married, so I am unable to replace pieces as they get broken. (In other news, if you have any C&B Tamiko dinnerware that you are looking to get rid of, I may be able to help you out!)

So I have been searching for the last 3 or so years for a replacement pattern. I want white, bone china, and I want the style to be very timeless and classic. The other day I was looking around at my usual haunts -- C&B, Lenox, Wedgwood -- and I ran across this pattern. It was love at first sight!

What first drew me to the pattern was that the cereal bowl doesn't have a lip. I think lipless bowls store better in the cabinet, and they have less of a chance of getting chipped or broken, because nothing is sticking out from the bowl. As I looked closer, I saw the deal maker -- Greek Key! I love Greek Key, so to find the classic pattern on dinnerware? Sign me up!

Now I just need to start saving my pennies, because the pattern is a little more expensive than typical everyday china. But I think it will be worth it in the end, because it is a Wedgwood pattern, so hopefully it won't be discontinued in the near future, and I will buy a place setting at a time when it goes on sale until I have a full set of these lovely dishes.

So, are you on Pinterest? How do you use it? Do you use it as a way to capture the things you are loving?

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