Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The House Tour Continues: The Hall

Today we will tour one of the smaller parts of the downstairs of my house: the hall. The hall starts at the front door, runs between the living room and the dining room, and ends in front of the kitchen. The stairs going upstairs, the stairs going to the basement, the half bath, and the office are all off this hall as well.

Here's a look at the hall standing in front of the stairs looking at the front door.

To the left is the dining room, and to the right is the living room.

Unfortunately, the previous owners didn't take the chandelier in the foyer with them... I have another chandelier for this space -- an auction find -- but it needs to be rewired. That would be a good post for down the road. Maybe now, since I talked about it on the interwebs, it will get done. I'm thinking about painting this chandy a lighter color (white? gray?) and hanging it in the master bathroom. There is a place for a hanging light in the master bathroom, but it was taken.

The plant stand was given to me by my mom. The vase and the blue feathery thingies were from Pier1 years ago. 

I got the table at an antique show a few years ago for $75. I love the details it and the rich brown color.

The mirror is vintage. I think I got it an estate sale. The books on the table are vintage engineering textbooks. I found them in a thrift store, and I loved the colors. I also love that they are a stylish nod to my day job.

The brass lamp was a birthday gift from my mom. I saw it in a thrift store while I was shopping with her and loved it. She went back a few months later, and it was still there! So she snapped it up, along with the brass lamp in the living room.

The two lamps don't match, but I got matching shades for them (Target). Using the same shades on similar lamps is a good way to unify them to make them feel more like a pair. Pairs of lamps can make a big statement in a room, so this is a good way to get the benefit of a matching pair even if you can't find 2 of the exact same lamp.  

This is the view of the hall standing with your back to the front door and looking back towards the kitchen.

The metal sconces were my grandmother's. My mom brought them home for me after she visited her right after we moved in this house. I like that the gold ties in with the brass lamp and the gold mirror. The little pop of blue in the candles lightens things up, and candles are cheap and easy to change, so they are a good way to introduce color into the hall.

This is the view looking to the other side of the hall.

The console table is one of my favorite pieces in my house. I got it for about $5 or $10, I can't remember exactly, at one of the first (maybe even the first) auctions I ever went to. It originally was a 4-drawer dresser that was a pea green color. I took the 2 bottom drawers out and added beadboard to the bottom to make the shelf the baskets sit on. Then I glazed the dresser with white paint mixed with glazing medium and a little bit of water. It turned out so much cooler than I ever could have anticipated. 

The color turned out to be a great shade of light turquoise. Plus, because the paint was so old, I got some crackled finish. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! Then I distressed the edges, and added crystal knobs and baskets. I wish I had before pics, but sadly this project was completed when DIY/shelter blogs were just twinkles in bloggers' eyes. So no dice.

The elephant on the console was one of the few of my husband's contributions to the household. He actually had it before we got married. He loves elephants, and it's actually pretty cool. It's vintage, and I think it's pewter -- it's pretty heavy. The turquoise vase is Anthropologie. It was a birthday gift from a good (and stylish!) friend. I feel so chic to have an Anthro item in my home!

The back wall of the hall contains my cross collection. I started this little collection when I got my first apartment after college. I pick them up as I see one that catches my eye. My mother-in-law got me the copper one (2nd from right) in Colorado. I love copper, so this little cross was a great addition.

This is an example of why I love old houses: the telephone nook. People actually had little nooks built into the walls to keep their telephones. I guess the original owners were high-falutin', because we have another phone nook in the upstairs landing. Two telephones in one house in the thirties?!?

The phone jack is behind that little grate thingy. Just look at all the moulding they used on it! And to think - you can barely get builders these days to trim out a window...

As far as future projects for this space, I don't have much on my to do list. I would like to paint, just to freshen things up, but this color goes all the way up the stairs and into the upstairs landing. One part of the stairwell is 2-story, so we will have to get either get a mammoth ladder or pay someone to paint, and we have other paid-painter projects that are higher on the priority list.  So it will probably be a while on that.

I also would like to replace the rug in front of the door. It doesn't really go with the feel of the 2 rooms it is between (I may have a solution for this soon!)

I've also kicked around the idea of replacing the sconce that is above the console table with a more contemporary fixture, but I want to hold off until the new chandelier is installed to make that decision.

So that is pretty much it for the hall. Here is the to do list.

To Do
  • Get new rug for in front of door
  • Rewire chandelier and hang in place of existing one.
  • Paint hall chandy and hang in master bathroom
  • Repaint hall 
  • Replace sconce over console

I didn't forget about sharing my latest auction finds. I will post about that on Friday, so stay tuned!

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